Willpower Spell

Performed: 03/19/2015
Moon: Waning
Time: Sunset
Purpose: Banish ill-health and unwanted weight

Items: yellow candle, small bag, stone (I chose a small Columbia River agate I had found and polished), small bit of lavender (oil would also work), incense.

As the sun is setting, I light my yellow candle. Meditate for a moment on my purpose.

I light my incense.

Elementals of Air,
I call upon you.
I beseech of you
the willpower to stay true.
This ill-health is slowing me down.
Grant me the knowledge
to banish and keep it bound.
As I will it,
So mote it be.*

Pass the stone and lavender through the incense smoke and place it in the small pouch. I carry mine with me as a reminder to make healthier decisions.

*My poetic skills are lacking. Luckily, unless you are a high ceremonial magician, it is not the words that matter, but the intent placed behind them.


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