Moon Work

 In working with the Moon, it can be helpful to understand what certain phases can mean. The ones listed here are the more common. You may see them differently.

New Moon

Maiden Moon|Mommy Witch's Book of Shadows

(Maiden) The New Moon is the time for new beginnings. Starting a new look. Starting a new health plan. Blessing a new house. She is just a sliver of her potential. Easy to underestimate and overlook. She has the energy of youth tacked on with the inherent selfishness of youth.

Waxing Moon

Magick for energy you want directed toward you (prosperity, fertility, happiness, protection)

Full Moon

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(Mother) The Full Moon is an excellent time to work pretty much any type of magick. The Full Moon’s light can bless your special or ritual objects. If you are able to go for a walk under the Full Moon, it is a great time to connect with the Mother aspect and what this aspect means. The Full Moon is the transition between Maiden and Crone. A little more settled than the Maiden, though not nearly as experienced as the Crone. It is during this phase in our own lives that we experience more empathy for others as opposed to the self-centeredness of our youth. I have also thought of the Mother aspect as a Warrior aspect. This is a time when a person may not biologically have children, but cares and protects for those around him/her.

Waning Moon

Magick for energy you wish to banish (ill-health, depression, unwanted energy)

Dark Moon

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(Crone) The Dark Moon is a little scary. We don’t like to think of endings. We don’t like to think of death. The Crone has lived a full and productive life. She may no longer have the energy of youth, but her wisdom is vast. This is the time to meditate on your own journey. Your own learnings. We are never finished with learning new things.

Each Monthly Moon will also have its own name. The names used in most almanacs originated with the Algonquin tribes from New England. I will also be mixing in medieval English, Celtic, and Chinese. And Dakota Sioux. The Sioux have some really great moon names.

These are usually associated with what is going on naturally at the time. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, these meanings will be different.
Most of the names were found here:

Wolf Moon, Old Moon, Snow Moon, First Moon After Yule, Holiday Moon, Winter Moon, Moon of the Terrible

January is a harsh month. This is the time when most wild animals become desperate for food as their stores grow low or prey becomes more scarce. The wolves will start howling outside your door.

Snow Moon, Trapper’s Moon, Budding Moon, Hunger Moon, Moon of the Raccoon, Moon When Trees Pop

If you were starting to get hungry in January, you are definitely desperate for food now. This was a hard time to find food and temperatures could drop low enough to “pop” the trees.

Worm Moon, Fish Moon, Sleepy Moon, Windy Moon, Moon When Eyes Are Sore From Bright Snow

Earthworms would begin to appear, bringing the robins back. A sign that warmth is coming back.

Pink Moon, Fish Moon, Planter’s Moon, Peony Moon, Flower Moon, Moon When Geese Return In Scattered Formation

Moss pink or wild phlox starts to bud. This is one of the earliest spring flowers. This is also a time when fish (shad) begin to swim upstream for spawning.

Flower Moon, Corn Planting Moon, Milk Moon, Dragon Moon, Planting Moon, Moon When Leaves Are Green

Flowers are in full bloom. In most places, the last of the freezes are done and it is now safe to begin planting crops.


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