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Back on track

This summer has been especially busy for my family. Which means we slacked on our weekly lessons. So, I am going to start them back up again. Since it is fall, I am going to start some lessons on the Harvests (Lughnassad, Mabon, Samhain). I am going to have to think on a craft or something fun to do for these. Eldest has already been helping me to winterize our yard and garden. I may have to work some magick into those tasks.


I have really been enjoying my daily lessons. I feel much more calm and balanced. More in tune. Yes, yes, I know I sound “hippie-dippie,” but it’s true. When this year is over, I need to be sure to continue doing something small every day: sitting outside for 10 minutes, a quick meditation, even small spells here and there. I’ve never been one of the spell casting Pagans, but I think that is an aspect I would like to get to know better.