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7 Ways to Repurpose an Abandoned Building

Photo by Ganesh Dhamodkar Of all the ways an old building can be repurposed, the worst is for it to sit empty or be torn down. What a waste. At least let it be a refuge, where weary tr…

Source: 7 Ways to Repurpose an Abandoned Building


Back on track

This summer has been especially busy for my family. Which means we slacked on our weekly lessons. So, I am going to start them back up again. Since it is fall, I am going to start some lessons on the Harvests (Lughnassad, Mabon, Samhain). I am going to have to think on a craft or something fun to do for these. Eldest has already been helping me to winterize our yard and garden. I may have to work some magick into those tasks.


I have really been enjoying my daily lessons. I feel much more calm and balanced. More in tune. Yes, yes, I know I sound “hippie-dippie,” but it’s true. When this year is over, I need to be sure to continue doing something small every day: sitting outside for 10 minutes, a quick meditation, even small spells here and there. I’ve never been one of the spell casting Pagans, but I think that is an aspect I would like to get to know better.