Advanced Year-and-a-Day

This is a course of study I have created for myself. Most of the year-and-a-day outlines available in books or online deal mainly with people who are new to Paganism. Having been a witch for over 20 years, I am decidedly not new. However, I have recently felt called to step back from my coven and really work on myself.

Starting at Imbolc of this year (2015), I have embarked on a journey of study. It took a little work, but I have found subjects with which to work on. My goal is to educate myself better about my path to be a better teacher for my coven.

The topics I have chosen may not work for everyone. Some may seem simplistic, but I felt I needed to work on them. I am starting with meditation, which is something that beginners start with. I have had issues in calming my mind for the past few years. My meditations have not been as effective as I would like, so it seemed like a good place to start. If you wish to use my lesson plan, please do. And feel free to alter it to your own needs.

*A note on the lesson plan: I designed it to go by the lunar month. Which means each “month” is equal to 28 days (four weeks). This may clash with our Gregorian calendar at times. Each “month” will have its own topic, with more advanced lessons each week. As I work my way through my own year-and-a-day, this lesson plan could change.

Month 1: Meditation
 The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Meditation
Week 1: Beginning Meditation
Week 2: Visual Meditation
Week 3: Movement Meditation
Week 4: Guided Meditation

Month 2: Elements
Book: Earth, Air, Fire & Water by Scott Cunningham
Week 5: Connecting With the Elements
Week 6: Elemental Work
Week 7: Elemental Magick
Week 8: Living In Sync With the Elements

Month 3: Moon Workings
Book: Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler
Week 9: The Moon
Week 10: Working With All Of The Moon’s Phases
Week 11: The Moon’s Personalities
Week 12: Moon Magick

Month 4: The God (masculine energy)
Book: The Witches’ God by Janet & Stewart Farrar
Week 13: Masculine Energy
Week 14: Working With Masculine Energy
Week 15: Drawing Down The Sun
Week 16: Gods

Month 5: The Goddess (feminine energy)
The Witches’ Goddess by Janet & Stewart Farrar
Week 17: Feminine Energy
Week 18: Working With Feminine Energy
Week 19: Drawing Down The Moon
Week 20: Goddesses

Month 6: Witchcraft
Week 21: 
Week 22:
Week 23:
Week 24:

Month 7: Cultural Witchcraft
Book: Old World Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi
Week 25:
Week 26:
Week 27:
Week 28:

Month 8: Shamanism
Week 29:
Week 30:
Week 31:
Week 32:

Month 9: Solitary Work
Week 33:
Week 34:
Week 35:
Week 36:

Month 10: Covens
Week 37:
Week 38:
Week 39:
Week 40:

Month 11: Magical Creatures
Week 41:
Week 42:
Week 43:
Week 44:

Month 12: Spirit Guides
Week 45:
Week 46:
Week 47:
Week 48:

Month 13: Being A Witch
Week 49:
Week 50:
Week 51:
Week 52:



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