About Mommy Witch

I’ve been on my Path for a long time. After studying as a solitary for many years, I joined Bell, Book, & Brew in July of 2008 and feel like I have been learning quite a lot more than I ever did on my own. I have no specified path, just my own. I guess I would be closest to Kitchen Witch. I don’t care much for labels though.
I am a gypsy. Hurm. My husband and I are gypsies. We move more often than any sane person should. I have traveled the length and width of the US. A lot. Florida seems to be our vortex. We escaped the Vortex (again) in early 2008 and have made WA state our current residence.

I do not live in or anywhere near Seattle. Just wanted to make that clear. It is a desert where I live. Really. No rain for extended periods of time. Definitely not Seattle.

My family is awesome. I have three boys who will rule the world someday.
My hubby is level-headed, a nerd, an adventurer, and keeps me out of trouble. Mostly. He is a Catholic. Wiccan/Catholic relationships can work quite nicely, thank you very much. I do my best to support him in his beliefs and he also supports me.


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