A Year And A Day Beginner Lessons

I am going to add to this as the year goes on. This is something my son and I are working on together.

My aim with these lessons is to spend about 30 minutes per week explaining the absolute basics. Once we get into grounding and meditation, I am hoping he will also celebrate the Full Moon, New Moon, and some Sabbats with me. If he chooses not to, I am ok with that. I have always told myself that I would never force religion onto him.

Week 1: Book of Shadows

  • What is a Book of Shadows?
  • How to use a Book of Shadows.
  • Start by writing weekly observations about the current weather and what is going on outside (plants, animals, etc.)

Week 2: Ostara

  • What is Ostara?
  • How and why is Ostara celebrated?
  • Help celebrate Ostara by planting early spring plants.

Week 3: Wiccan Sabbats

  • Brief description on the Sabbats most Pagans celebrate during the year.
  • Explain how the Sabbats fit into the changing seasons of the year.

Week 4: Grounding Part I

  • Description of Grounding.
  • Why is grounding important? How is it done?

Week 5: Grounding Part II

  • Perform a simple grounding exercise.

Week 6: Meditation Part I

  • Description of meditation.
  • How does someone meditate?
  • Why do people meditate?

Week 7: Meditation Part II

  • Perform a small meditation. When working with children, shorter meditations are best. Maybe 10 minutes max.

Week 8: Circles

  • Discussion of what goes on in a Circle.
  • How Grounding and Meditation are important to Circle work.

Week 9: Elements – Air

  • Walk while discussing the aspects of Air
  • How do we use this Element everyday?
  • Journal thoughts on this Element.

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