Week 14: Working With Masculine Energy

Ok. So this blog post has taken me way longer to compose than I had expected. I came to a brick wall on this one. So, I talked with a friend about this and I am going to try to incorporate his advice.

God energy, for me (it could be different for you), has a warmth to it. It is composed of animals, sun, sowing seeds, passion, violence, and death. Along with rebirth. The past week, I worked with God energy while fishing and working in my garden. I honored the fish I caught and made sure to use every part of them. The heads, tails, and innards are feeding my garden. The fish I could not eat immediately are in my freezer. This is my way of working with what I consider Male/God energy.

If you feel a calling to a certain God, study the attributes of that God. These callings can change, as you change. I find that whatever deities I feel pulled toward, they usually embody something that I need to work on. Be sure to pay attention to your intuition in matters like these.

My friend had recommended maybe typing up a God story or two. I thought about this and decided that once I am done with my year and a day lessons, I will start a Monthly Deity series. This way I can write more than one or two stories and spend a month researching each deity. I actually got so excited about this idea that I created a little start-up page for it. It only has one sentence on it so far, but I will be fleshing it out as I work on it.

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