Week 9: The Moon

The Moon. One of the biggest symbols for most Pagans. It is a focus for magic of all types, representative of multiple deities, and one of the easily visible astronomical beauties we can all enjoy.

Moon Work|Mommy Witch's Book of Shadows

The Moon affects the tides and, it is commonly believed, our behavior.

This week was the week of the Full Moon in Libra. I had a few friends over and we celebrated in a very casual fashion. My Full Moon rituals now consist of sitting outside with incense. I will usually write a few things down that I hope to gain/lose/energy that I wish to send out. I burn that paper in my cauldron. We sit and chat and generally just enjoy being under the light of the moon.

The moon’s phases are a really great focal tool:

  • New Moon: (Maiden) magick for new beginnings.
  • Waxing Moon: magick for energy you want directed toward you (prosperity, fertility, happiness, protection)
  • Full Moon: (Mother) pretty much great as an all-purpose focus.
  • Waning Moon: magick for energy you wish to banish (ill-health, depression, unwanted energy)
  • Dark Moon: (Crone) magick for endings.

This is a seriously, super-duper simplified description. I will be adding to this as this month goes on.

I will look into the different meanings behind not just each monthly moon, but also into how the moon signs affect the moon.


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