Week 2: Visual Meditation

I am a little late getting this one up. I had a hard time deciding which direction to go from here. I decided on visual meditation.

Visual meditation is basically putting all of your concentration on an object. It could be a candle flame, maṇḍala, reflection of a candle flame (scrying mirror or water). Right now, I am working on coloring a maṇḍala.


This is from The Mandala Coloring Book by Jim Gogarty. A really nice book with 100 pre drawn mandalas to choose from.

The idea behind drawing or coloring mandalas is that you concentrate on the image and forget the outside world. Which is exactly what meditation is.

Tonight I gave it a try. And loved it. I was still able to keep track of my kids but lose myself in the coloring. For this project, I choose the picture that felt right to me. I then decided to pick colors at random. So far, I like how this is turning out.

I will also be working with a candle flame sometime this week. That one is a little more dangerous with little ones around.

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