Month 1 Week 1: Meditation

I have started my solitary year-and-a-day journey, beginning with the topic I have had the most trouble working with… Meditation.

Not sure what it is, but I have not been able to get past the outside influences. Which is something that I learned to do when I first started meditating. So, I need to figure out why my mind is so noisy and get it to freaking calm down.

Three kids wouldn’t have anything to with it, I’m sure…

Image from
Image from

My goal for this first week is to brush up on my techniques and to start a healthy meditation regime. My goal will be 5 – 10 minutes everyday. It is recommended to try for the same timeframe everyday. I may have to wake up 15 minutes earlier. Which actually kind of seems like torture.

I am also going to take the advice I found from WitchSchool’s class, Basic Meditation, and start a journal. I liked the idea of keeping track of how each meditation worked for me (or didn’t) and figure out how to improve my skills.

Ok. I am a big girl. I can do this.

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