I have been doing a lot of cleansing the past couple of days. I thought it might make for a good blog post. I know there are lots of websites out there that probably already have all of this information, but it can’t hurt to add to it.

For myself, cleansing seems to work best as a symbolic act: Cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing the tub, sweeping & mopping, yay! housework! The very act of cleaning something is almost meditative and calming in its way. After the massively negative issues that arose from the Threats day, my toilet is now sparkling and my dishes are quite clean. This system works well as a way of getting rid of negative vibes that may be invading your living space.
Spring and Autumn are great times to do really big living space cleansings. Light some candles and/or incense as you work. I like music on also. And really scrub that grime away. Clean the cupboards, lights, doorknobs, everything.
The Springtime is a good time to rid the house of musty Wintery reminders. Autumn is a good time to prepare the house for Winter.
Now, the Big Cleanings actually take me longer than one day to do. With three kids underfoot, I find it impossible to really complete just about anything in a day. Including blog posts. Lists and separating jobs comes in handy for me. Spring cleaning calendars start to pop up this time of year. Such as this one from Joshua Trent (I just came across his blog while looking for these calendars. He has some good stuff. You should check him out).

Circle and magickal area cleansings vary from person to person. Or even from event to event. There are times when I feel compelled to do a very ritualistic area cleansing. Other times I will just sage an area or carry burning incense. The simplest Circle I ever cast was just drawing a circle in the sand on the beach.
My favorite circle cleansing is using a besom, bunch of sweetgrass/sage, or a staff and doing my version of a spiral dance. I start at the altar, then walk counter-clockwise sweeping away from the center, envisioning all yucky vibes and energy being swept away. I make three complete circles, each getting bigger with the final pass ending on the outer edges of my Circle.
Then I walk clockwise while sweeping into the center, envisioning only good energy being welcome in my Circle. I make three circles, each one getting smaller, with my final circle ending facing the altar, where I started.
It is a bit in between a super fancy cleansing and a simple one. It helps me get into the proper mental state while I sweep. You can chant or just silently walk your path. I came across this picture last year and kind of fell in love with the chant. It has a very nice rhythm to it:

Sweep, sweep, sweep the ground, All negativity shall be bound. I banish all that is profane, Only positive shall remain.
Sweep, sweep, sweep the ground,
All negativity shall be bound.
I banish all that is profane,
Only positive shall remain.

The picture is from Ravens Wyrd.

My third and last cleansing form (for now) just involves a smudge stick or incense. A bell or singing bowl is a nice addition if you have another person to walk around with you. Or, if you can not have anything smelly in your living quarters, just a bell, wand, or an unlit smudge stick also work. You could use a besom, but when doing a house or apartment a large object can be difficult to maneuver around furniture.
Start in whichever direction feels right to you. I prefer to start in the East. Others prefer to start in the North. Or you can start with your main entry. Whatever feels right to you. I then go counter-clockwise and envision all bad energies being expelled from my home. Some people like to chant. I usually do this one quietly. Mostly because I just really get into a deeper state of concentration. Around entry points, I like to envision a protective purple energy forming. By entry points, I mean anything that can open to the outside: doors, windows, chimneys, attic doors, even the pipework in the sink and tub.

So. This blog post became much more than I thought it would. Funny how things can take on a life of their own.

Oh, and a disclaimer: If you use anything that requires fire (smudge sticks, incense, candles) use caution and common sense.

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