Pagan Threats

Lots of cussing involved in this one. If that offends you, do not read this.

Kali by Izaskun:
Kali by Izaskun:

What to do when other Pagans threaten you…

I was just dragged into a “thing” without wanting to be. I even said a few times, “I do not want to be involved. I don’t know these people and I feel like I don’t know the whole story.” Somehow that became skewed and I am now an instigator in some sort of coven coup. I fucking hate people sometimes. It’s shit like this that makes me realize why I am such an antisocial nobody. I am happier that way.

This has now evolved (or devolved… depending on how one looks at it) into what has been termed a “Witch War.” I didn’t call it that. I didn’t even realize this was even going on. However, I have taken offense to it as I see someone has threatened not only me, but my family. My reasoning is thus: Wars have collateral damage. It is part of what a war is. Whether it is bullets, missiles, or energy, there is some sort of splash involved and an innocent has a chance of being hurt.

My response to this:
First, I saged and set up protection for my house and family.
Then I messaged everyone involved. I told them they were ALL a bunch of fuck-ups who needed to get their heads out of their asses, sit down and actually talk to each other.

I am still pretty ticked (as can be seen by my potty mouth) that I was dragged into something that I felt I had no reason to be involved in at all. I know some of these people have tried to message me back, but they are just going to have to wait til this momma has calmed down. I have enough drama at home with my own children. I should not need to babysit adults too.

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